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Tuya WiFi Temperature Humidity Smart Sensor With Backlight for Smart Home Var SmartLife Work with Alexa Google Assistant

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TH16-E

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Brand Name: YP

Product Features:

1. High precision.
The sensor uses top suppliers. It can guarantee the high precision of the measurement data.

2. Real-time monitoring and recording.
The sensor uses USB power supply. Compared with the battery version, the sensor will monitor the temperature and humidity in real time.
The sensor will report when the temperature and humidity changes very little. You can view the changes in the value on the APP or display screen.
Record the temperature and humidity changes on the APP, and use the graphics to show you.

3. Large LCD screen display
The sensor uses LCD as the display of temperature and humidity, and the display of time and date is added on the screen. Time and date are automatically calibrated.

4. BlackLight Supported
When the object pass by the infrared sensing window from distance ≤5cm, the screen will light up for about 10s

5. Scene linkage
The sensor can be used as the temperature and humidity data source of Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, Google Home. You can do many automated processes based on the data source.

6. Temperature Unit Switch
The sensor is designed with a temperature display conversion function of Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can choose the unit that needs to be displayed according to your needs.

7, Two installation methods
a),Use the built-in bracket and place it directly on the desktop
b),Use the hook and hang it on the wall (the hook is included in the package)

8. Third-party voice support.
The sensor supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home Asistant. You can check the current temperature and humidity by voice.

Product Parameter:

Power supply: DC 5V/1A Mocro USB(USB cable cannot be removed)
Wi-Fi Support: 2.4G IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Temperature Measure Range: 0℃-60℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±1
Humidity Measure Range: 0% RH~99% RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±5% RH

Tips for purchase

Power Supply

1. It has no built-in battery.

2. It is necessary to use USB power supply all the time.

Error on temperature and humidity
1. All temperature and humidity sensors will have certain errors, please note. The temperature error of this sensor is ± 1 ℃, and the humidity error is ± 5% RH. Any value within this range is normal.
2. The sensor error and manufacturing process will meet, and there will also be some errors between products of the same model.
3. According to Newton's third law, heat conduction takes a certain time. The sensor needs 30 minutes or 1 hour to be consistent with the room temperature, and the measurement will be accurate.

Historical curve of temperature and humidity
1. The minimum granularity of historical data (daily chart) is 1 hour, and the minimum granularity of exported data is also 1 hour.
2. Days of historical data are stored for 7 days.
3. The value of historical data is the average value. That is, the average value of a minimum granularity time.

Support for third-party smart speakers
1. Because the third-party smart speakers (Google Home/Amazon Alexa) do not have control panels corresponding to temperature and humidity sensors,
Therefore, the APP of third-party smart speakers may not display the temperature and humidity correctly.
But we have developed voice query function. Therefore, the current temperature and humidity can be queried by voice
2. Route or automatic process related to temperature and humidity cannot be established on the third-party smart speakers.
3. The device does not support Yandex Alice.

Trigger mechanism of temperature and humidity in automatic process
We used Edge Triggered (ET)
That is, the action can only be triggered if the condition crosses the set condition.
A: For example, turn on the light when the automatic setting temperature is greater than 25 ℃.
A.1. When the temperature rises from below 25 ℃ to 25 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the ON light.
A.2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always above 25 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.
B: For example, when the automatic setting temperature is less than 20 ℃, turn on the light.
B.1. When the temperature drops from above 20 ℃ to 20 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the start lamp.
B.2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always below 20 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.

When will the battery consume quickly
1. The correct type of battery is not selected, or the battery is mixed.
2. The sensor shall be installed at the location where the ambient temperature or humidity changes dramatically. In this environment, the device will frequently start the network to report data.
3. The sensor is installed in a low temperature environment for a long time (such as less than 0 ℃), and the battery performance will decline rapidly at this temperature.
4. The sensor is installed at a location where the network signal is very poor. When the network signal is poor, the equipment will increase the transmission power of the signal, resulting in increased power consumption.
5. The equipment is in a high humidity environment for a long time, which will corrode the battery and cause battery leakage.

APP Remote Monitor

When the sensor is registered to the APP and connected to the Internet, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of the room in real time anywhere in the world.

Lager LCD Display

Display content
1. Temperature (℃/F switchable), humidity
2. Time, date, day of the week. (Automatically adjust the time)
NOTE: Automatic time synchronization needs to be connected to the APP, and the network is always available.

Backlight Supported

When the object pass by the infrared sensing window from distance ≤ 5 cm, the screen will light up for about 10 second

Accurate Measurement

1. After configuration, it will take 30 minuters to be accurate.

2. The Sensor reacts quickly, and even small environmental changes will be monitored.

Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home

After connecting Amazon Alexa and Google home, you can query the current temperature and humidity by voice.

Real Time Monitoring & Historical Data Graph

1. Compared with battery-based sensors, our sensors use USB power supply. It does not have to worry about power saving strategies. When the temperature changes by 0.3 degrees or the humidity changes by 2%, the temperature and humidity will be reported to the service immediately. Our sensors are truly real-time monitor.
2. Historical data will be displayed by graph. The data is counted by day, month, and year.

Application Scenarios

You can install the sensor wherever you need (WiFi connection network is required).

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