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Long Range Outdoor WIFI CPE 300-900Mbps 2.4/5Ghz Wireless AP Bridge Access Point WI-FI Antenna Repeater Nanostation Amplifer Rou

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Bundle: 1Pcs
Color: 300M 2G E314N
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With Modem Function: No

Wired Transfer Rate: 10/100Mbps

Wifi Signal Amplifier Antenna Application: 5km Long range Wifi transmit /Elevator IP cam Monitor

Wifi Antenna Outdoor Wireless Protocol: 802.11a, 802.11an,802.11ac

Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 5G

Wi-Fi CPE Bridge Feature4: router bridge

WI-FI Antenna Nanostation: 12dbi

WAN Ports: 1 x10/100Mbps

Type: Wireless

Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11n

Package: Yes

Outdoor wifi cpe Max. LAN Data Rate: 900Mbs

Outdoor wifi bridge color: white

Outdoor repeater Products Status: Stock

Outdoor Wireless Bridge Power: 200mW

Outdoor Router Frequency Range: 5.8GHz

Outdoor Repeater router Feature1: Wifi bridge

Outdoor Repeater chipset: QCA9531+QCA9886

Outdoor Nanostation Extender AP Feature2: wifi repeater wireless

Outdoor Wi-Fi CPE Access Point Feature3: wireless point to point outdoor

Origin: Mainland China

Max. LAN Data Rate: 867Mbps

Long Distance Wi-Fi CPE Access Point Mode: Bridge/AP/Client/Repeater Mode

Function: Firewall

Certification: CE

Brand Name: comfast

Application: Outdoor

5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 867Mbps

3-10KM Long Range Outdoor WIFI CPE 300-900Mbps 2.4/5Ghz Wireless AP Bridge Access Point WI-FI Antenna Repeater Nanostation Amplifer Router

Difference :

CF-E313AC        900Mbps 5-10KM     5G Wireless CPE   12dbi Antenna         48V Poe Adapter
CF-E312AV2       300Mbps  3-10KM5G Wireless CPE    2*14dbi Antenna     48V Poe Adapter
CF-E314NV2      300Mbps 1-5KM 2.4G Wireless CPE  2*14dbi Antenna   48V Poe Adapter


The distance "3-10KM" mean 2pcs CPE based on point to point bridge mode.

There are many factors that affect distance, such as obstacles (trees, walls, buildings, trucks, etc.), raw network signals, etcIf you want the good signal, we suggest you buy 2pcs!

CF-E313AC Product Overview

CF-E313ACWireless Outdoor CPE is specially designed to provide cost effective solution for outdoor wireless networking applications.

It adopts the latest 802.11a/an/ac standard, delivering wireless speeds up to 900Mbps. With two built-in 12dbi  antennas, high power output and multiple working modes.

CF-E313AC is used extensively in point to point, point to multipoint and outdoor WiFi coverage  applications. Meanwhile, its professional structural design is suitable for any kinds of severe climate. So it is an ideal choice for outdoor Wi-Fi transfer over long distance.

Waterproof wireless AP/Outdoor CPE/Network Bridge/Repeater/WIFI signal booster & Amplifier 

Ip cam monitor/ elevator monitor 

Outdoor Point to point as wifi bridge 5km (no obstacles)

5.8G cpe more better for the ip cam monotor or elevatior , less interference ,long Range Wifi Transmit

Main Features

1. QCA9531+QCA9886 Chipset, 802.11a/an/ac Support

2. Built-in 12dBi dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna

3. Adjustable transmission power from 0 to 23dBm/200mw
4. AP / Wireless Client / Repeater operation modes
5. Outdoor stabilized enclosure with IP65 waterproof
6. High Quality 48V Poe Adapter
7. Extend the reach of your existing company network to another building 

Package included :

CF-E313AC CPE *2Poe Adapter*2Quick install guide *2Power cable *2Stainless Steel Ring *4

900Mbps 5.8Ghz Outdoor CPE 5KM Monitoring Transmission

Easy Installation Dual Network Port PoE Power Supply

HD CPE Worry Free Monitoring  Choose COMFAST CPE, Make monitoring worry free

900Mbps   5KM transmission  5.8G Anti- interference Support 10-20 HD Camera  Qualcomm Chip

Dual network port power supply High Power  Easy set up

CF-313AC use 802.11a/nwireless technology ,make transmission faster and more fluent with 900Mbps

5KM Stable Transmission

Full engineering-level hardware technology with two high power PA RF Power Amplifer chips, can achieve 5KM Point - to point and point to multipoint transmission , and separate monitoring and centraliezed managment of distruted video

survillance in different manufacturing sites or contruction sites , terminals ,parks .

Point to point point to multipoint

HD Video Transmission No Delay,No Pause

5Ghz 900Mbps Provide mutiple channels to choose ,improve wifi signal avod data loss, reduce video pause, guarantee stable HD quality. Powerful hardware configuration ensures high quality HD transmission.

HD Quality Support multiple cameras Channel automatic selection

Qualcomm Chips Guatantee Perfect Performance

Qualcomm Chipset has been tested and precipitated over time,

and it is trusted and favored by engineering users.

Chips       Qualcomm 650Mhz High quality

Antenna High Gain orientation for long distance transmission

RAM       64M,Help CPU work provide smoother network

RF         23dbm

Setup   Easy set up in Low Temperature

FM       16MB Strong data exchange capability

Reduce interference Effectively with 5.8Ghz

Too many equipment woking with 2.4Ghz cause interference,CF-E313AC work in 5Ghz

Which reduce interferance,

Make POE work more stable.

Comprehensive Protection against Severe Outdoor Environment

Precise structural design provides the ability to handle different kinds of rugged surroundings

Lighting protection  Waterproof

Dustproof         Antifreeze

Antioxidant      High-temperature resistant

Resistance to extrusion  Shockproof

Precise locaton

Four grid signal strength indicator for easy constuction adjustment

When the signal indicator shows weak , it can be

set to be aligned

Pls adjust according to the signal indicator

Power Software

Multifunction software OS and it is easy to set up

POE Power Supply ,More convenience

CF-313AC supports power supply with dual network ports, effectively solves the problem of webcam power supply difficulities and enable seamless IP video integration

Toggle the switch to the left, then it supplies power to the surveillance camera and realize view transmission , saving engineering cost and power supply troubles Connecting application diagram

point to point connection diagram

Multiple cameras connecting way 1: connect the camera to the switch ,then connect with Comfast CPE . It will transmit the date through two CPE

Multiple cameras connecting way 2: if Cameras are far away from each other , configure each camera with two CPEs, The control center connects CPE with AP mode via switch, then connect with DVR

Point to Muti-point connection Diagram

If the angle of cameras and monitor center is less than 60 degree , there can conside one point to multi point can reduct CPEs with the transmitting mode , which can save project cost a lot. Please pay attention that it has to meet the angle and Broadband requirement.

In wireless monitoring transmission, we suggest you to use above way to do connection,please pay attention the transmission angle for the device is 60 degree.



How to connect :

Q&AQ1.How long the range of the antenna  ?

A:This is a directional Antenna , For no obstacles environment 2pcs Point to Point can reach 3-10KM

Q2.How Many pieces included in the package ?

A:The link included  2 choices, when you make order it will show 1pcs or 2pcs, If you want to reach long distance and better signal ,we suggest that you choose 2pcs,(Wifi signal is affected by many factors,such as trees, walls, buildings, trucks, etc., raw network signals)

Q3:Does it included the poe adapter ?

A:The package included standard antenna with 48V poe adapter and Stainless ties ,Power cable ,Warranty card ,Installation Guide.

Q4.Does it work as a WiFi repeater?

A:The Antenna support AP/Router/Repeater/Bridge mode

can set as repeater mode , just repeater mode will have signal loss , generally we suggest set 1pcs connected with router by network cable as AP mode and another 1pcs to receive the signal from the first one set as bridge mode.

Q5.If use 1pcs can reach 300m?

A: If just use 1pcs this depond on the real using environment , Because just use 1pcs ,then can not set as bridge mode , the range willlimited,wifi signal be effected by many factors,trees,walls , trucks ...

Also if the receive wifi device with low power ,also can not have a good range.

Q6.If the antenna can be connected with 48V poe switch?

A: Yes, the antenna can connected with 48V poe switch as power supply.

Q7. Does the antenna can be a router ?

A: Yes, support

Q8. Does the antenna wifi coverage 1km?

A: The antenna is directional antenna , not the omnidirectional , need 2pcs point to point no obstacles environment can reach 3-10km

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