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Inkbird 12 Period Time 1800W Combination Temperature Humidity Controller ITC-608T Digital Pre-wired Outlet Humidistat Thermostat

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Color: Temperature Humidity
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Warranty for the Sensor: 1 Year

Warranty for the ITC-608T: 2 Years

Usage: it can be Universally Used for wine cellar , Room , Animal ...

Usage: Household

Unit Dimension: 20.8cmx8.5cmx3.5cm (8.19x3.35x1.38in)

Theory: Temperature Controller

Temperature sensor cable Length: 2m / 78.74in

Temperature Measurement Range: -40~100 C / -40~212 F

Style: Standing and Wall Hanging

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: ITC-608T Temperature Controller & Humidity Controller

Maximum output load: 120Vac, 60Hz, 15A, 1800W

Max Measuring Temperature: 49°C & Under

Is Smart Device: No

Input Power Cable Length: 1.5m / 59.05in

Humidity sensor cable Length: 2m / 78.74in

Humidity Measurement Range: 5~99%RH

Feature 2: Can set different temp in 12 time periods

Feature 1: Can control the temp and humidity simultaneously

Display Type: DIGITAL

Display Size: 1.9 Inches & Under

Certification: US ETL Certificate Listed

Certification: CE

Brand Name: INKBIRD

Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controller ITC-608T Pre-wired AC Dual Stage Outlet Thermostat with 12 Period Time Stage, 1800w, ETL listed

(Temperature Humidity:With Temperature and Humidity Sensor;  TwoTemperature :With Two Temperature Sensors;Temperature :With One Temperature Sensor;Humidity:With One Humidity Sensor)

Usage: Can be Universally Used for home brewing (refrigerator), fermenting, Greenhouse, terrarium, reptile, planting (mushroom), meat storage and cooking.

Temperature and humidity controller ITC-608T has certificate of ETL (US and Canada approved). The product will be much safe when using it. ITC-608T has multifunction control mode: it can control both temperature and humidity at the same time. (Plug both temperature and humidity sensor). Or control single temperature and has 12 different time stage periods for temperature control mode. Or only control humidity with plug humidity sensor. This unit supports both F and C degree, compress delay, calibration and reset setting values saving. ITC-608T is a good choice for home brewing, fermenting, Greenhouse, terrarium, reptile, planting, meat storage and cooking.

Bullet point

1. US ETL Certificate Listed and Warranty.

ITC-608T thermostat temperature and humidity controller is ETL listed, and rigorously tested for QUALITY control and SAFETY. The unit itself has 2 years warranty. (The temperature and humidity sensor have 1 year warranty.)

2.Three in one Multifunction Temperature and Humidity Control Mode with Dual Relay Output.

ITC-608T can work as a temperature controller, a humidity controller, a temperature and humidity controller. First, only plug temperature sensor with cooling and heating equipment. Second, only plug humidity sensor with humidifier and dehumidifier equipment. Third, plug both temperature and humidity sensor with cooling/heating and humidifier/dehumidifier equipment.

3. Supporting calibration, compressor delay and saving reset setting values.

Centigrade or Fahrenheit degree display, easy to set, PV and SV dual display windows. And with compressor delay for protecting cooling device. ITC-608T can save the original setting values in case accidentally power-off.

4. More power up to 1800W.

Temperature control range is -40-212°F(-40-100°C), humidity display range is 5 -99.0%RH. Max Loading: 120V 15A 1800W. Temperature senor is waterproof while humidity sensor is not.

5. Multifunction usage.

Temperature and humidity controller ITC-608T can be used in home brewing (refrigerator), fermenting, Greenhouse, terrarium, reptile, planting (mushroom), meat storage and cooking.

Main features:

*Plug and play design, easy to use, can control temperature and humidity at the same time

* Dual relay output, can connect with refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time; can connect with humidifier and dehumidifier equipment at the same time;can connect with refrigeration/ heating and humidifier/dehumidifier equipment at the same time

* Support reading with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit

* Maximum output load: 1800W (120V, 15A)

*Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature/humidity and set temperature/humidity at the same time

* Supporting Temperature and humidity calibration

* Compressor delay protection for refrigeration control

* High and low temperature/humidity alarms are available

* Over-temperature/humidity and sensor fault alarm

* Heating/Cooling differential function could be set separately for refrigeration and heating to protect temperature controller from violent change. Same as humidity control

* Support setting 12 different temperatures in 12 different time period


Maximum output load:120Vac, 60Hz, 15A, 1800W

Temperature measurement range:-40-100°C/-40°F-212°F

Temperature display accuracy:0.1°C/°F(<100°C/°F)

Relative humidity measurement range:5~99%RH

Humidity display accuracy:0.1%RH

Display unit:temperature:Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F;humidity:%RHDisplay unit:temperature:Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F;humidity:%RH

Ambient temperature:-20°C to 60°C or -4°F to 140°F

Storage environment:temperature:0°C-60°C or 32°F-140°F;humidity:20~80%RH(Unfrozen or condensation state )

Temperature sensor cable Length: 2m(78.74in)

Humidity sensor cable Length:2m(78.74in)

Input Power Cable Length: 1.5m(59.05in)

Unit Dimension: 20.8cm*8.5cm*3.5cm(8.19*3.35*1.38in)


2 year for the ITC-608T

1 year for the sensor

Package Content:

1x ITC-608T temperature and humidity controller;

1x Temperature sensor (depending on your purchased sensor)

1x humidity sensor (depending on your purchased sensor)

1x Manual

Notes:Please be careful to choose the sensor.You can use ITC-608T control both temperature and humidity when you choose temperature and humidity sensor type. You can only use ITC-608T control temperature when you choose temperature sensor type. You can only use ITC-608T control humidity when you choose humidity sensor type. That means you must purchase temperature and humidity sensor if you want control both temperature and humidity. You must purchase temperature sensor if you want use temperature control function. You must purchase humidity sensor if you want use humidity control function , thank you .

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