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Deerma TX200 Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Electric Shaver Men's Rotary Shavers Electric Shaving Razors With LED Smart Screen

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With trimming device: No

Washing Mode: Whole body washing

Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)

Use: Face

Usage Time: 120Mins

Size: 150g

Razor type: Mesh

Power Type: Rechargeable/Electric Both Work

Origin: Mainland China

Number of nozzles: 1 - 2 pcs

Model Number: TX200

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Gender: Male

Charging Time: 1h

Brand Name: Deerma

Blade Material: Other

Product Name:Electric Shaver

Product Model :DEM-TX200

Charging Voltage:5V

Charging Current:1A

Operating Voltage:3.7V

Operating Power:5W

Battery Capacity :700mAh

Charging Time:60min

Product Weight :150g

Product Dimension:56*147*53mm

Packing List:Main host, protective cover, brush, power cord, manual

Deerma Electric Shaver

Strong energy despite the small figure

A great shaving partner in business trip

With the strong power of 7500 rounds/min, the floating three cutter heads shave your beard fittingly"

Strong power of 7500 rounds/min

With steady output, it shaves quickly and accurately

The three-dimensional floating cutter heads

Automatically adjust angles and shaves dead comers cleanl

The arc dual-ring shaver net

Improves efficiency and shaves it cleanly without hurting the skin

LED smart screen

Displays it cleanly. It is simply operated with one key

Despite the small figure, it boasts strong power.

It maintains a great status of cleanness and dryness.

You may easily take it in the business trip/travel out of its small figure. The high-performance electric motor is matched with sharp blades, so that it may shave beards quickly and enable you to easily cope with temporary meetings and appointments.

Strong kinetic energy of 7500 rounds/min High-performance output, quick shaving

Equipped with the high-performance motor, its rotating speed per minute reaches 7500 rounds, thus shaving your beards instantly, deeply and smoothly, without any moustache.

The three-dimensional floating cutter heads

It fits your profile and overcomes dead corners

Three groups of cutter heads adopt the floating design of fitting the face. It automatically adjusts angles with the facial profile, and easily shaves dead corners like the lower jaw and throat. It is shaved smoothly without pricking the hand.

Design of the spiral bent blade

The fine-tuned arc easily cleans stubbles

The automatic grinding blades

Every shaving is one polishing. It is still sharp after long use.

The arc dual-ring shaver net

Double beard absorptions* improve efficiency

The double-layer ring-shaped shaver net has a large contact surface, thus increasing beard absorption. The thin and tough blades lock your beard, thus shaving it quickly and cleanly and saving your time.

Get new playing methods

Moustache/hair on the temples。are cleaned in one machine

It is an electric shaver and a temple trimmer. You may switch the mode according to your demands, and maintain a refreshing status.

Electric shaver

It is turned on with one key, shaving beards cleanly

Temple trimmer

Popped up by one push, it cleans hair on your temples

The cutter heads are washable

It is clean after being washed, which is clean and sanitary

The shaver net is popped up by one push. The shaver net and the internal cutter heads may be washed, so that debris could be cleaned. It is clean and sanitary.

As light as 150g
.It can be packed in your bag

The weight of the whole machine is only 150g. It may be easily packed in the handbag and business trip, and help you calmly cope with various occasions.

Long-lasting battery life of 150min

It may be used for 30 days*

after it is charged for once。

The built-in large-capacity electric cell has the time of endurance of 150min. You do not have to frequently charge it in business trip and travel, and it may meet your use demands for multiple days.Smart travel lock

Long press to lock it, so that you may carry it without worry

When you put it away or go out, you may long press the on-off key to start the travel lock, avoiding unintended activation in travel. You may easily take it in the business trip.

One-key simple operation

Clear display of LED screen

The simple design of the machine body helps you control it with one key, which is easy and simple. The handle is equipped with LED display screen, so that you may know the operation status of the shaver, which is convenient and comfortable.

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