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Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit Fish Tank Sand Vacuum Cleaner Quick Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button Water Hose Controller

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Type: fish

Outlet Pipe Length: 210cm/82.7in

Origin: Mainland China

Net Weight: 450g/15.9oz

Material: Plastic

Inlet Pipe Length: 40cm/15.7in

Feature 5: Wide Application

Feature 4: Safe Operation

Feature 3: 82 Inch Outlet Pipe

Feature 2: Easy To Use

Feature 1: 4 In 1 Function

Color: Black,Red,Crystal

LUXBIRDAquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit, Quick Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button, Fish Tank Sand Cleaner, Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner with Water Hose Controller



Color: Black & Red & Crystal
Inlet Pipe Length: 40cm/15.7in

Outlet Pipe Length: 210cm/82.7in

Net Weight: 450g/15.9oz

Bullet Points:

4 in 1 Function: The aquarium gravel cleaner kit provides all necessary accessories for water changing, dirt suction, sand-washing, and glass wall cleaning of your fish tanks. Easily improves the water quality and ensures a healthier living environment for your fish.

Easy To Use: Just put all parts together and pull the trigger of the air pressing gun, then it will remove fish waste, dead plant material, excess food, and other impurities, if not, these particulates will break down and release ammonia into your water.

Wide Application: The gravel cleaner is ideal for fish tanks of different sizes. With 2 provided 2 inlet pipes and a pipe connector, you can assemble and adjust the pipe length according to the size of the fish tank.

82” Outlet Pipe: Made from a durable and elastic material, convenient to use with fish tanks at high places or near family drain lines. Also comes with a fixture clip, helps to fix the outlet pipe, and allows users to do something else without staying in front of the fish tank during the whole water changing process.

Safe Operation: Equipped with a 3D filter, protects your small fish and micro landscapes from being carried away by water and keeps the cleaner away from being blocked. The air-pressing cleaner works without electricity, you will never need to worry about getting an electric shock when using the cleaner.

Package Contents:

Water Inlet Pipes*2

Long PVC Hose Outlet Pipe*1

Glass Scraper*1

Pipe Connector*1

3D Filter*1

Flow Regulating Clamp*1

Water PipeFixture Clamp*1


It is forbidden to use out pipe only and suck on the open end of the siphon, you may catch some diseases from your fish in rarely situation.

Make sure that all parts are well installed andtightly connected.

According to the working principle of the siphon, the water outlet of the cleaner must be 19 inches lower than the water inlet to work properly.

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