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2pc 5.8ghz Wireless Outdoor CPE Long Rang 300Mbps Industrial Wifi Router 11dbi Antenna 3KM Point to Point Bridge AP Nanostation

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outdoor wireless bridge chipset: QCA9344

long range wifi Router: Outdoor wifi antenna Nanostation

long distance wifi Antenna mode: ap mode , Bridge mode /repeater mode ,router mode ,

Wireless Protocol: 802.11n

WI-FI Antenna outdoor Wireless Protocol: 802.11a, 802.11an

Package: Yes

Outdoor wifi booster Antenna: 5.8Ghz 11dbi Antenna

Outdoor wifi Nanostation Max. LAN Data Rate: 300Mbs

Outdoor wi-fi bridge color: white

Outdoor Wireless bridge Power: 200mW(23dbm)

Outdoor WIFI CPE Access Point Application: 3KM Long range wifi transmit / IP Elevator monitor

Outdoor Router wifi frequency: 5.8g

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: CF-E120AV3

Certification: CE

CPE bridge wifi access point repeater: long range wifi transmission cpe

Brand Name: comfast

2pcs 3KM  Comfast 300Mbps 5.8Ghz outdoor Access Point 11dBi WI-FI Antenna wireless bridge CF-E120V3 WIFI CPE Nanostation wifI

Product Overview

CF-E120AV3Wireless Outdoor CPE is specially designed to provide cost effective solution for outdoor wireless networking applications.

It adopts the latest 802.11a/n standard, delivering wireless speeds up to 300Mbps. With built-in 11dbi  antennas, high power output and multiple working modes.

CF-E120AV3 is used extensively in point to point, point to multipoint and outdoor WiFi coverage  applications. Meanwhile, its professional structural design is suitable for any kinds of severe climate. So it is an ideal choice for outdoor Wi-Fi transfer over long distance.

Waterproofwireless AP/Outdoor CPE/Network Bridge/Repeater/WIFI signal booster & Amplifier

Ip cam monitor/ elevator monitor

Outdoor Point to point as wifi bridge 3km or more (no obstacles)

5.8G cpe more better for the ip cam monotor or elevatior , less interference ,long Range Wifi Transmit

wireless AP/Outdoor CPE/Network Bridge/Repeater/WIFI signal booster & AmplifierWaterproof Pro SNMP MIB/TELNET/WEB Management

Qualcomm AR9344 560Mhz Grade CPU
Power Amplifer Chip: SKY 85735
Antenna:11dbi 5.8Ghz Antenna
Wireless Standard:IEEE 802.11a/an
RF Parameters: Output Power :200mW(23dBm)
Frequency:802.11a/an: 5.180GHz-5.825GHz
Wireless Rate:5.8Ghz 300Mbps
Ports: 1*10/100Mbps WAN RJ45 Ethernet Port
1*10/100Mbps LAN RJ45 Ethernet Port
1* Reset Button
Power:9-24V Poe Power Supply
Protection Level :2KL Lightning Protection;IP65

Package included :

CF-E120AV3 CPE *2Poe Adapter*2Quick install guide *Stainless Steel Ring *4

5.8Ghz Outdoor Wireless CPE

3km transmission distance       11dbi High gain antenna    

5.8Ghz Anti-interference             Outdoor protection Grade standard

300Mbps High Rate transmission    Qualcomm Chipset Excellent  Performance

3KM long distance transmission5.8Ghz Outdoor CPE CFE120AV3 Supports video data about 3km, It can realize scattered video surveillance of different factoried or multiple contruction sites ,docks, parks ,etc.,and can be viewed and centralized in real time in the monitoring center.High gain antenna, more stable

High Gain antenna ,More stable

CPE equipped with 11dbi high gain antenna to ensure bridge transmission distance and signal stability

Professional outdoor engineering plastica shell , strict silk stitching, Dustproof, waterproof, adapt to bad weather such as wind, frost, rain and snow

Enjoy the 5.8Ghz Bandwith less interferenceThe wireless interference in the 2.4Ghz band is getting bigger and bigger. and it is prone to the situation that the transportation is slow and often dropped. but the 5.8GHz band is relativly free of channels , smooth use without interference.

Quality comes from within Chipset Qualcomm AR9344 560Mhz Main Frequency CPU

Antenna 11dbi Directional antenna more concentrated signal transmission

RF Professional SKY85735 RF transmitting power up to 200mW

RAM 64M,   Helps the CPU run fast, the network is smoother,

Flash SPI technology , 8MB high Capacity flash

Humanized management system

Provide humanized management system, the wireless cpe transmission power is linearly adjustable ,and at the same time support the device working parameter viewing function , the usesr controls the working state of the device in the real time.

Lanaguage Switch /Four Mode /Easy maintanance

Four models are widely used

Meet the needs of outdoor wifi engineering applications "control core equipment ,flexible engineering"

Station Mode Router mode

 AP mode Repeater  mode Comfast CPE Outdoor transmission ProjectComfast CPE Security monitoring application

Point to point connection Diagram

Multiple cameras connection way 1:

Connection the cameras to the switch, then connect with the Comfast CPE.,It will transmit the data through two CPE.

Set up Mode: Terminal Mode Set up Mode: AP mode

Multiple cameras connection way 2:

If the distance among the cameras is so far, each camera is configure with two CPEs, The control center connect CPE with AP mode through the switch ,then connect with the NVR

Set up Mode: Terminal Mode Set up Mode: AP mode

CPE >Switch >NVR>Monitoring Computer

Point to point connection Diagram

If the angle of camera and monitor center is less than 60 degree, there can consider one point to multi point connection, It can reduce CPEs with the transmitting mode ,which can save project cost a lot. Please pay attention that it has to meet the angle and broadband requirement.

CPE>NVR>Monitor Computer

In Wireless monitoring transmission ,we suggest you to use above way to do connection, Please pay attention the transmission angle for the device is 60 degree.COMFAST CPE Elevator Monitoring Application

Application Environment

Scenic Spot Factory Driving School

Shipside Port Oilfield

How to connect:

Real picture showed

Роутер     access point        repetidor wifi     antena wifi  repetidor wifi largo alca...точка доступа      wifi repeater       wifi extender           wifi antennaamplificador wifi         hotspot    маршрутизатор    роутер wifi  antena wifi exterior     comfast       accespoint       точка доступа wifi   repetidor wifi  Nanostation    acess point         amplificador wifi casa        access point outdoor  wifi антенна    punto de acceso       outdoor access point        outdoor wifi  access point wifi      wifi access point  cpe outdoor      antenne wifi   wifi антена  wifi repeater outdoor       antena wifi largo alcance   wifi repetidor     антена wifi    антенна wifi  amplificador de wifi       роутеры      point d'accès    punto de acceso wifi  repetidores de wifi alta ...      точки доступа      роутер wi fi            wifi extender long range  مقوي واي فاي           Cpe    antenas wifi largo alcanc...    wifi signal repeater  point d acces wifi      wifi access point outdoor   outdoor cpe    wifi antenna long range  point to point wireless bridge    outdoor wifi router   access point outdoor     amplificador wifi   repetidor wifi        antena wifi                 wifi antenna            wifi extender amplificador wifi      hotspot                   comfast                точка доступа wifi Nanostation           wifi антенна              antena wifi exterior       access point outdoor  repetidor wifi           outdoor wifi              acess point             outdoor access point  Роутеры              access point wifi          cpe outdoor             wifi access point   wifi repetidor            antenne wifi            punto de acceso wifi          outdoor wifi antenna  punto de acceso         антена wifi                 access point wifi           wifi antenna outdoor                  accespoint               wifi extender long range           wifi antenna outdoor          wifi repeater outdoor   cpe wireless          station wifi  wifi antenna long range         antena repetidora wifi    wifi bridge     wifi antena   point to point wireless bridge         antena wifi largo alcance    wi fi точка доступа    reperidor wifi  access point wifi               wifi extender long range        wifi access point         outdoor wifiaccess point outdoor         reperidor wifi          comfast             wifi extender

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