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Let's earn money with !
Let's earn money with !

Don't use Google Translate!

To all researchers and students. When we want to translate long sentences on Google, translation is the literal translation!
That's why I put in your hands a collection of translation sites that don't use Google Translate:
πŸ“ Websites that correct spelling, Grammar and if you have a paragraph and want to know your writing is correct:
πŸ“ Websites where you search for meanings of words, terms, and words that have the same meaning β€šand they include proverbs, idioms:
πŸ“ The best translation sites globally, try them, choose the best for you, and rely on it for your studies or work:
πŸ“ A website enables you to translate a full document or an article on it:
πŸ“ A website for translating researches and files:
πŸ“ Site for translating sentences:
πŸ“ Websites to correct writing:
©️. Marvin Villamor Alvarez

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